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January 1, 2021



The Heritage Ranch Community Services District Board of Directors conducted a public hearing and approved a five year rate structure for water and sewer rates on October 19, 2017.  The first rate adjustments were implemented on January 1, 2018 and will continue through the year 2022.  You will see an increase on your water and sewer bill mailed February 1, 2021 for the service month of January.

Why do fees need to be increased at Heritage Ranch?
The Fee Schedule is based on the District’s cost of providing water and sewer service and funding of major maintenance and replacement of equipment. Operating costs of electricity, insurance, labor, regulatory requirements and supplies have increased steadily over the years.

What is the current structure for water/sewer rates?
Water rates have two components: a fixed water charge, based on meter size, and a volume water charge based on consumption. Sewer rates are a fixed charge only.  For more information on the Heritage Ranch Community Services District water and sewer rates, please click here to view our fee schedule


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