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Report a Leak

If you have a water or sewage leak or you see one anywhere in the Heritage Ranch Community, please call (805) 227-6230 immediately.

If the leak is detected after hours or on weekends, please call immediately. We have operators on 24/7 standby.  Our answering service will have HRCSD on-duty personnel respond to your call immediately.

Reading Your Meter

May contain: wristwatch

To keep track of your water use and determine if you have a leak, check your water meter frequently. Water meters are usually located in the ground at the front of your property in a concrete box.  For more information, call the HRCSD at (805) 227-6230.

Refer to the guide below to read your water meter.

  1. Billing Numbers.  The numbers on the left (in white) are used for billing.  This number, minus the ending amount from the previous billing period, represents the number of water units used during the current billing period.  One unit of water equals 100 cubic feet of water or 748 gallons.
  2. Sweep Hand on Meter Face.  One revolution equals one cubic foot or 7.48 gallons of water.
  3. Silver Snowflake/Leak Detector at base of the Sweep Hand.  This snowflake rotates whenever water is flowing throught the meter.  If you turn off all your water fixtures and this snowflake is moving, you have a leak somewhere.
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