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Your Drinking Water

water glass filling from tap

The Heritage Ranch Community Services District pumps water from the Nacimiento Reservoir by means of the Nacimiento River via a pump station on the southerly bank of the Nacimiento River.  Water is then treated, stored, and delivered to residential units, businesses, and greenbelts.  This is made possible with a treatment plant with a capacity of two million gallons per day.  We ensure the delivery of high-quality water throughout the District by continuously testing for a variety of constituents as required by State and Federal regulations.

Water Quality Report

To obtain details on the District's water quality, please consult the Annual Consumer Confidence Report.  This annual water quality report is required by the California Department of Drinking Water and becomes available to all HRCSD customers in April of each year.

A five-year update to the watershed sanitary survey for the Nacimiento Reservoir prepared by the County of San Luis Obispo provides additional information and may be found by clicking link below:

Nacimiento Watershed Sanitary Survery 2016-2020


 Please click the links below to view the Consumer Confidence Reports for the year:

CCR 2023CCR 2022CCR 2021CCR 2020CCR 2019CCR 2018CCR 2017




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