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Water Resource Recovery Facility

The Heritage Ranch CSD Wastewater Treatment Plant was originally built in 1978. The Plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting public health and protecting local water quality. Currently, the facility treats approximately 200,000 gallons of wastewater a day. Treated water is then discharged into a drainage channel that is a tributary to the Nacimiento River. 

New regulations call for substantial improvements to the Plant.

In 2017 the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board modified the discharge requirements for Heritage Ranch's NPDES Permit limiting the presence of copper and ammonia in receiving waters. The CCRWQCB carefully evaluated the District’s wastewater treatment facility and found it not in compliance with the new regulations.

Despite on-going negotiations with the local and state regulators, along with several attempts to modify the existing plant operations to come into compliance, it was determined a new treatment process is needed to meet current and future requirements.

A long-term solution that meets needs of the community and environment

Heritage Ranch CSD is investing in a new Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) that will provide cost-effective, adaptable, compliant wastewater treatment that sustainably meets the long-term needs of the community and environment. Project benefits include:

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 Currently, the District is working with project partners to design an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective facility. Construction for the Water Resource Recovery Facility will begin in 2024 with start-up anticipated in 2027. See project timeline below.

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 The time for investment is now

The District continually strives to keep utility affordable rates for its customers. However, after several years of negotiating with Water Quality Control Board, making operational changes to the existing plant, and considering project alternatives, a long-term solution is needed to address Heritage Ranch’s infrastructure challenges. If the District fails to meet discharge requirements, HRCSD and its customers are subject to costly fines.

The new, state-of-the-art, Water Resource Recovery Facility will meet regulatory requirements, preserve treatment capacity, and provide reliable services for generations to come. This critical project requires significant investment from the Heritage Ranch community. As a result, customer rates are expected to increase in April 2023. The District and its project partners are actively pursuing State and Federal funding to offset project costs and limit impacts on customers. Learn more about the rate-setting process below.


Provide cost-effective, adaptable wastewater treatment that achieves reliable compliance and sustainably meets the long-term needs of the community and environment.

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