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April 1, 2023



Heritage Ranch Community Services District will be conducting water line flushing operations throughout the Ranch in the month of April. This is part of the HRCSD’s regular maintenance operations which involve opening fire hydrants and purging the District’s water lines. During this time, you may experience periods of pressure fluctuations and/or discolored water. This should be temporary but could reoccur more than once during the day of flushing in your area. If you experience discolored water, running your hose and/or an inside faucet should clear up your water. Regular system maintenance is necessary to provide quality water to our customers.

In order to minimize inconvenience during the flushing, we ask that residents plan accordingly and schedule household activities such as washing laundry, running dishwashers and taking showers accordingly.

***Street signs will be set up one day prior to line flushing to inform residents of the specific day in which they can expect the maintenance in their area***

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact the District office at (805) 227-6230

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