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About The District

Mission Statement

The purpose and mission of HRCSD is to provide municipal services to the village of Heritage Ranch in a manner that is efficient, safe and in accordance with applicable law. These services include the supply of drinking water, the disposal of wastewater, removal of solid waste, parks and recreation.

May contain: house, villa, housing, building, and hacienda


The Village of Heritage Ranch was established in 1972 and is located in the northern part of San Luis Obispo County. Over a dozen subdivisions make for a wide variety of housing types and price ranges. The master plan provides for 2900 residential units.

The Heritage Ranch Community Services District (HRCSD) was originally formed in 1990 to provide local control of service for water and sewer to the Village of Heritage Ranch. More than 70% of the voters approved the formation of the District in the November 1989 election. The function of Parks & Recreation was added in 1992 the voters approved adding Parks & Recreation ostensibly to facilitate a golf course. While the golf course did not materialize, the addition of this function did allow for the construction of the Don Everingham Senior Center on District property in 1998. In 1996, the addition of Solid Waste Removal was added. The Board took the initiative to propose taking trash removal over from the County and it was approved by the voters. HRCSD is a public agency, governed by a five member Board of Directors whom reside at the Ranch.

HRCSD is 5,361 acres in size, bordered by Lake Nacimiento, Camp Roberts and privately owned land. Over 1,700 parcels are served by water and sewer treatment plants using over 42 miles of buried pipeline and numerous pump stations. Administration and operation of District facilities is handled by a staff of eight, plus professional assistance for legal, financial and engineering matters.

HRCSD Articles of IncorporationWater Supply Permit No. 04-06-15P-004_0204201509-28-2017_NPDES_Heritage_permitHRCSD Standard Specifications & Drawings 2018 securedSan Miguel Garbage Company Solid Waste Franchise Agreement
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